Words by Nicky

Share your tough times!

You all know I LOVE to talk about ‘setting goals’, ‘planning’ , ‘making adjustments’ and ‘thinking about the change you want to bring about’…but let’s get real…were too busy living day to day just to;

*get the bills paid

*keep the kids happy, and occupied

*get the work done on the house

*stay employed, or

*look for new work.

Guess what! Life gets in the way…

It’s ok to share the hard times and frustration too…people typically take notice of others actions by thinking how we’d like to ‘not’ do things…but it’s not always that simple…and we find ourselves making excuses for not ‘getting ahead’. 

Some like to paint a happy little stream on social media, thinking they will be scorned if they say anything other…this is the not case (if it is…you need more positive people in your life supporting and encouraging you). That…is simple! 

My suggestion is to share the hard times, frustrating times and quite frankly the crap times, help others, and tell them how you could have done things better! Then learn from it… As they will too!

Minor adjustments count too!

Don’t forget, we are all in this together!