Vision board lingo

Do you ever fantasise about where you would be if you could choose the outcome of your life?

Do you sit and daydream on a warm day and stare into space imagining what your dream business looks like?

Fantasising (daydreaming) about our desires, dreams, wishes and aspirations are vital to success.  Visualising your goals and your successes and thinking about what a successful business/career or life looks like to YOU will actually help YOU to achieve it.

Let me unpack that a little…

If you want to love working in your business, if you want to have that successful career, happy home and island getaways then don’t ignore the thoughts, feelings and images that come into your mind when you are day-dreaming.  Don’t ignore your imagination, the pictures you draw on memories or the feelings you have associated with these thoughts. Your creative side of your brain plays an essential role in your life!

Sometimes clients come to me and tell me that they don’t know what they want but they know that they are not happy and they are ready to make changes.

After applauding them for taking the first step, I first start with asking them to visualise their dream business/life/career/holiday (whatever it is that they wish to acquire) and tell me their thoughts, feelings, emotions and the images that come to mind.

I explore their thought processes to identify what drives them, I want to know what motivates them and I want to know what will work for them!

Some thought provoking questions I will ask are:

  • What does (success/your dream career/happiness etc) look like?
  • What does it feel like?
  • What does it smell like?
  • What would they do with it?

So on and so forth until we have a little picture about what is it is they actually want in life.

This is not as simple as it sounds however, and it takes practice and effort to work through the barriers often put in front of oneself when day dreaming. This occurs when we try to control the day dream and when we try to turn our thoughts into logic, we stop the creative flow and put ‘blockers’ in place.

However, a simple task that you can do right now to start the juices flowing is to create a vision board (often referred to as a dream board).


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