Vision board part two – the ins and outs!

Vision board pic!

Vision board part two!

In the last vision board blog I showed you the benefits of doing a vision or dream board.

You can find it here –
Vision board lingo blog (part one)

The easiest way to start a vision or dream board is in the below, simple but successful steps!

1) Get a large piece of cardboard, a whileboard, black board, or magnetic board (basically anything that you can pin or paste stuff too), make it large enough for you to be totally wild and creative – we don’t want to limit your creativity here! Then get some magazines or bring up Pinterest on your computer (if you wish to do it electronically).

2) Take a moment to think about things that are important to you – things that you believe, things you take pride in, things that inspire or encourage you… take a mental note.

3) Start flicking through the magazines, or Pinterest for images that either evoke a feeling, memory or thought from step 2 – or it could come out of no where!  Cut it, snip it or pin it!  If you are unable to find a certain image, try drawing it, or even writing it as above – the same applies.

4) My business clients like to put their aspirations and their 6 monthly, 12 monthly (short term goals) up on their board. For example, a holiday to a tropical island might be portrayed by a palm tree or a hammock, a boat they are working towards buying… try to make it specific, if you want a bit blue Haines boat – try to find one very similar.

The point of doing this is to create a feeling, a behaviour, and design a visual representation of what you want, what you want to achieve.

The biggest reason for this is psychologically it will tap into your sub-conscious part of your brain, the one that attributes action. The more often you see these visual aids, the more regularly you will think of this, they become part of your regular thought process. Over time, your idea or thought will start to become something that you visualise, something you want to find a solution for, your creative brain will start devising a plan to get you to this ‘thing’ you want!

Further, Studies show that pictures and affirmations have the potential to make us feel more positive, and according to Harvard University researchers, an optimistic outlook can reduce the risk of disease and even boost longevity.

Lastly, it has been proven by more psychologists that creating positive images will help us to create a more positive outlook on life… I love the sound of this… don’t you?


Contact me now to ask for a vision board strategy session! You won’t be disappointed!





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