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Run Baby, Run


As a person, (not just a coach) I have my own personal dreams, aspirations including short, medium and long term goals.

A current short term goal of mine is to reduce the stress in my life and create more clarity in my head while I’m currently juggling training, study, coaching and work.

I exercise every day, sometimes twice, but very rarely do I feel the urge to run!

Well, today I ran … I ran for 30 minutes straight … I tell you, this never happens, normally after about 5 minutes I am out of breath and my legs feel like lead weights!

Surprisingly today, the outcome was quite different. I felt amazing afterwards (apart from being sweaty and exhausted) the cloudiness had gone from my head and I didn’t feel so cluttered in my brain!

I felt like I had a mental strength I had been searching for all day. I felt full of pride, I had a sense of achievement and knew the my mind, body and soul thanked me for pushing that extra half a kilometre.

The physical act of running, running like this, constant, pacing and thoughtfully reminded me of how important alone time is,  how important it is to put yourself first and how important it is to put your mind to something and achieve it.

As a coach, and for me to lead by example, to do what I ask my clients to do, to take stead of the words I motivate my clients with, and believe in myself, just like the belief that I have in those around me. The energy I invest and encourage people to continue to work at until they succeed.

It is so important to believe in what you want. It may be hard, it may be exhausting both mentally and physically, but it is always worth it!

I have some amazing friends who pound the pavement daily, do the park runs on the weekends and train towards marathons.  They’re forever telling me that running is 80% mental and 20% physical when I complained that I just didn’t ‘get it’.

I always joked and exclaimed ‘oh I am not mental enough to run?’… but you know what? … I actually get it now!

I can not wait to run again tomorrow!!!

What activity gives you clarity? running? swimming? yoga? playing with your kids, cleaning?

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Don’t put down, bring up.

You know one of my favourite sayings is ‘if you can not help someone, at least don’t hurt them’ (Dalai Lama).

Well I love the below picture and quote too.

If you believe in helping others, bringing them up and supporting them to be the best version of themselves then here are a few tips and gentle reminders below.

Some gentle reminders.

Don’t push people away, or put them down down, don’t stomp on others dreams because you don’t believe you could do what someone else can.
Be kind ♡
Be generous ♡
Be loving ♡
Be gentle ♡
Believe in others ♡
Everyone has their flaws…yes even you and I, people don’t need constant criticism or for their weaknesses to be pointed out.
It’s really exhasting trying to please others so lower your expectations of those around you and trust that they are doing their absolute best with the resources they have.

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Vision board part two – the ins and outs!

Vision board pic!

Vision board part two!

In the last vision board blog I showed you the benefits of doing a vision or dream board.

You can find it here –
Vision board lingo blog (part one)

The easiest way to start a vision or dream board is in the below, simple but successful steps!

1) Get a large piece of cardboard, a whileboard, black board, or magnetic board (basically anything that you can pin or paste stuff too), make it large enough for you to be totally wild and creative – we don’t want to limit your creativity here! Then get some magazines or bring up Pinterest on your computer (if you wish to do it electronically).

2) Take a moment to think about things that are important to you – things that you believe, things you take pride in, things that inspire or encourage you… take a mental note.

3) Start flicking through the magazines, or Pinterest for images that either evoke a feeling, memory or thought from step 2 – or it could come out of no where!  Cut it, snip it or pin it!  If you are unable to find a certain image, try drawing it, or even writing it as above – the same applies.

4) My business clients like to put their aspirations and their 6 monthly, 12 monthly (short term goals) up on their board. For example, a holiday to a tropical island might be portrayed by a palm tree or a hammock, a boat they are working towards buying… try to make it specific, if you want a bit blue Haines boat – try to find one very similar.

The point of doing this is to create a feeling, a behaviour, and design a visual representation of what you want, what you want to achieve.

The biggest reason for this is psychologically it will tap into your sub-conscious part of your brain, the one that attributes action. The more often you see these visual aids, the more regularly you will think of this, they become part of your regular thought process. Over time, your idea or thought will start to become something that you visualise, something you want to find a solution for, your creative brain will start devising a plan to get you to this ‘thing’ you want!

Further, Studies show that pictures and affirmations have the potential to make us feel more positive, and according to Harvard University researchers, an optimistic outlook can reduce the risk of disease and even boost longevity.

Lastly, it has been proven by more psychologists that creating positive images will help us to create a more positive outlook on life… I love the sound of this… don’t you?


Contact me now to ask for a vision board strategy session! You won’t be disappointed!




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Your ‘life pictures’.

What do your pictures look like-

What do your ‘life pictures’ look like?

What do you want your ‘life pictures’ to look like?

Life is full of moments, memories and experiences, how do you capture these?

Some times a moment is so perfect to me I want to take a snap shot of life at the point and time. Sometimes though, it is not what I see, or what myself or someone else is doing, it is simply a smell that evokes a memory, a sound that caresses my soul and a feeling that melts my heart. How do we capture such ‘life pictures’?

I often wonder how people use these ‘life pictures’ – I know for me personally, as everyone, we have hard times and we have good times, we sometimes even have perfect moments we sometimes want to pinch ourselves to see if we are actually living in that moment.

I use these moments to sit back and think about what I have achieved in life, what I have overcome, how my ‘life pictures’ make me who I am, and ultimately, how I can use this to help others. I think this is the most rewarding thing about being a personal development coach. I stand loud and proud with my authenticity and actually say ‘hey, I know what you are saying, and feeling, as I have personally been there, got the t.shirt even, and I got through it and I would be honored to help you too!

People take solace in familiarity and similarity, people like to know that you ‘get’ what they are going through, you can relate to how they are feeling and you possibly have the same desires and dreams as they do (even if it is not at the same time).

Sometimes people just need someone to hear them, not always solve their problems or give them the answers… many just need to feel comforted, have someone to empathise with and really just care about what they are going through!

I can and want to be this person for you, when times are tough, when times are good, when times are confusing, challenging or you are seeking that next challenge. I will show you how to change your mindset, your thinking, and your attitude to support you in dealing with whatever is in front of you. I can and will show you how to ALWAYS find a positive in every single negative situation… yes, even those icky ones!

Personal development changes are going to be sustainable in your life if you work with me.









Vision board lingo

Do you ever fantasise about where you would be if you could choose the outcome of your life?

Do you sit and daydream on a warm day and stare into space imagining what your dream business looks like?

Fantasising (daydreaming) about our desires, dreams, wishes and aspirations are vital to success.  Visualising your goals and your successes and thinking about what a successful business/career or life looks like to YOU will actually help YOU to achieve it.

Let me unpack that a little…

If you want to love working in your business, if you want to have that successful career, happy home and island getaways then don’t ignore the thoughts, feelings and images that come into your mind when you are day-dreaming.  Don’t ignore your imagination, the pictures you draw on memories or the feelings you have associated with these thoughts. Your creative side of your brain plays an essential role in your life!

Sometimes clients come to me and tell me that they don’t know what they want but they know that they are not happy and they are ready to make changes.

After applauding them for taking the first step, I first start with asking them to visualise their dream business/life/career/holiday (whatever it is that they wish to acquire) and tell me their thoughts, feelings, emotions and the images that come to mind.

I explore their thought processes to identify what drives them, I want to know what motivates them and I want to know what will work for them!

Some thought provoking questions I will ask are:

  • What does (success/your dream career/happiness etc) look like?
  • What does it feel like?
  • What does it smell like?
  • What would they do with it?

So on and so forth until we have a little picture about what is it is they actually want in life.

This is not as simple as it sounds however, and it takes practice and effort to work through the barriers often put in front of oneself when day dreaming. This occurs when we try to control the day dream and when we try to turn our thoughts into logic, we stop the creative flow and put ‘blockers’ in place.

However, a simple task that you can do right now to start the juices flowing is to create a vision board (often referred to as a dream board).

Words by Nicky

Share your tough times!

You all know I LOVE to talk about ‘setting goals’, ‘planning’ , ‘making adjustments’ and ‘thinking about the change you want to bring about’…but let’s get real…were too busy living day to day just to;

*get the bills paid

*keep the kids happy, and occupied

*get the work done on the house

*stay employed, or

*look for new work.

Guess what! Life gets in the way…

It’s ok to share the hard times and frustration too…people typically take notice of others actions by thinking how we’d like to ‘not’ do things…but it’s not always that simple…and we find ourselves making excuses for not ‘getting ahead’. 

Some like to paint a happy little stream on social media, thinking they will be scorned if they say anything other…this is the not case (if it is…you need more positive people in your life supporting and encouraging you). That…is simple! 

My suggestion is to share the hard times, frustrating times and quite frankly the crap times, help others, and tell them how you could have done things better! Then learn from it… As they will too!

Minor adjustments count too!

Don’t forget, we are all in this together!