Words by Nicky


I’m coaching a lot of people at the moment who really are struggling with the negative thoughts in their head…or even more so the negative actions of those around them.

If this is you…

My two biggest requests are.

1) stop the negative self talk, I mentioned in a previous article how the average person has 50,000 thoughts…seriously, make your thoughts count!

Make them worthwhile.

2) stop allowing how other people talk, behave or treat you have such an impact on your happiness.

At the end of the day the facts are, you;
CAN control your own feelings
CAN control how you react to situations and more importantly you,
CAN control (yes there are some exceptions) how people treat you.

By the last one I mean in the simplest form, walk away, don’t listen, don’t argue don’t buy into their negativity. Stand up for yourself, be assertive, strong and be willing to learn the lesson.

I’m sure everyone has heard the cliche ‘people will only treat you the way let them you’…easier said than done when it is your boss, staff, people you have to see everyday, family, your loved ones or people who you stay in bad relationships with…

My response is, start each day with a positive thought a smile and an attitude that you;
CAN control your own behaviour
CAN control your responses, and,
OWN your actions.

Once you feel more in charge of your own circle of influence (your feelings, responses and your own behaviour and reactions to situations) you feel more empowered, happier and less stressed!

Ask me for more information. It is not easy, but small consistent changes each day is what it takes, you have to work at it.

Words by Nicky


A little note on authenticity to fellow business owners.

I believe in being authentic, I believe in doing what I say I am going to do, I take pride in being genuine honest, hardworking person, I wish to have a business grow organically with authentic people who have the same values. This is how I want to be remembered.

As a coach, a mentor, and a business owner, I will always have my client’s expectations, needs, desires and goals at the forefront of my mind.

I am fortunate enough to understand the concept of having a successful business and know hands down, that without my clients, my loyal followers, friends and past clients, my business would not be growing as it is.

I believe that being authentic is not just ‘acting the part’ during business hours, I believe it is everything, all of your interactions, how you talk, how you listen, how you support, motivate and encourage other business owners, especially ones that are starting out – being careful not to forget we all started at the bottom at some time.

In today’s time –  everyone is connected, everyone uses social media, whether it be facebook, pinterest, twitter what ever, we use it in public, at work, people are constantly observing you.

It is likely that if you are in the public eye – from time to time, you might come under scrutiny from your followers/fans/clients. Listen to what they have to say, take this feedback on board and use it as an opportunity to revisit where your business is at – where your customer service is at, are their needs being met, are you ‘hitting the mark’ or have your lost focus and it is being observed by those around you. Take this time to revisit your goals and values. If the feedback is not so positive, then it is time to make some adjustments – ask these people providing feedback how they might like it to change, ask them their ideas on how they would like it to be. You are there for your clients, therefore, you need to service them correctly or they will leave.


Here is an example:
Over the past few years of doing business with a company and always feeling uneasy about their lack of professionalism and behavior,  I recently observed their behaviour for one last time before choosing to cut ties with them. Some of the behaviour included talking ill about their specific customers, in earshot of me (the public/ their customer)…  this is a massive NO NO! Of course, sometimes we are stressed or frustrated, but you should never, ever make it clear to your client or customer or other customers for that matter – your reputation is at stake!

How to avoid blowing up:
When you feel pushed to your limit, pause, take a deep breath, and thank them. Yes. Thank them for bringing X or Y to your attention. You, MUST learn from your customers. But don’t, gossip on Facebook, or talk ill about them behind their back. You may think it won’t get back to them… errr but your ‘friends’ may have friends that know them… or you might accidentally not have a private profile like you think you do!

(Note: remember that there is law against defamation of character too if you are ‘blowing up’ a scenario).

I am pretty sure, I’m not the only one who wants to do business with professional people…am I wrong?

Be authentic in your dealings, remember your clients do come first (they may not always be right) but they are your customers, your income, and your biggest advocates positively or negatively!

If you would like more information or support, please message me on nicky@pplifecoaching.com Continue reading