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Don’t put down, bring up.

You know one of my favourite sayings is ‘if you can not help someone, at least don’t hurt them’ (Dalai Lama).

Well I love the below picture and quote too.

If you believe in helping others, bringing them up and supporting them to be the best version of themselves then here are a few tips and gentle reminders below.

Some gentle reminders.

Don’t push people away, or put them down down, don’t stomp on others dreams because you don’t believe you could do what someone else can.
Be kind ♡
Be generous ♡
Be loving ♡
Be gentle ♡
Believe in others ♡
Everyone has their flaws…yes even you and I, people don’t need constant criticism or for their weaknesses to be pointed out.
It’s really exhasting trying to please others so lower your expectations of those around you and trust that they are doing their absolute best with the resources they have.

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Your ‘life pictures’.

What do your pictures look like-

What do your ‘life pictures’ look like?

What do you want your ‘life pictures’ to look like?

Life is full of moments, memories and experiences, how do you capture these?

Some times a moment is so perfect to me I want to take a snap shot of life at the point and time. Sometimes though, it is not what I see, or what myself or someone else is doing, it is simply a smell that evokes a memory, a sound that caresses my soul and a feeling that melts my heart. How do we capture such ‘life pictures’?

I often wonder how people use these ‘life pictures’ – I know for me personally, as everyone, we have hard times and we have good times, we sometimes even have perfect moments we sometimes want to pinch ourselves to see if we are actually living in that moment.

I use these moments to sit back and think about what I have achieved in life, what I have overcome, how my ‘life pictures’ make me who I am, and ultimately, how I can use this to help others. I think this is the most rewarding thing about being a personal development coach. I stand loud and proud with my authenticity and actually say ‘hey, I know what you are saying, and feeling, as I have personally been there, got the t.shirt even, and I got through it and I would be honored to help you too!

People take solace in familiarity and similarity, people like to know that you ‘get’ what they are going through, you can relate to how they are feeling and you possibly have the same desires and dreams as they do (even if it is not at the same time).

Sometimes people just need someone to hear them, not always solve their problems or give them the answers… many just need to feel comforted, have someone to empathise with and really just care about what they are going through!

I can and want to be this person for you, when times are tough, when times are good, when times are confusing, challenging or you are seeking that next challenge. I will show you how to change your mindset, your thinking, and your attitude to support you in dealing with whatever is in front of you. I can and will show you how to ALWAYS find a positive in every single negative situation… yes, even those icky ones!

Personal development changes are going to be sustainable in your life if you work with me.








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I’m coaching a lot of people at the moment who really are struggling with the negative thoughts in their head…or even more so the negative actions of those around them.

If this is you…

My two biggest requests are.

1) stop the negative self talk, I mentioned in a previous article how the average person has 50,000 thoughts…seriously, make your thoughts count!

Make them worthwhile.

2) stop allowing how other people talk, behave or treat you have such an impact on your happiness.

At the end of the day the facts are, you;
CAN control your own feelings
CAN control how you react to situations and more importantly you,
CAN control (yes there are some exceptions) how people treat you.

By the last one I mean in the simplest form, walk away, don’t listen, don’t argue don’t buy into their negativity. Stand up for yourself, be assertive, strong and be willing to learn the lesson.

I’m sure everyone has heard the cliche ‘people will only treat you the way let them you’…easier said than done when it is your boss, staff, people you have to see everyday, family, your loved ones or people who you stay in bad relationships with…

My response is, start each day with a positive thought a smile and an attitude that you;
CAN control your own behaviour
CAN control your responses, and,
OWN your actions.

Once you feel more in charge of your own circle of influence (your feelings, responses and your own behaviour and reactions to situations) you feel more empowered, happier and less stressed!

Ask me for more information. It is not easy, but small consistent changes each day is what it takes, you have to work at it.